Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Party

1 Dec

Happy December 1st friends! It is officially one of the best times of the year, filled with holiday spirit, decorations, friends, family and of course PARTIES. The key to a successful holiday party is great food, great friends and great cocktails. Now if you are budget conscious like me you’ll want to throw a fun party without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Something I suggest is to have your friends bring some of the alcohol and cocktail mixes while you provide the food and everything else, their contributions make a big difference and help you financially. Presentation is important so I always have my best friend come over during the day to help me set up, an extra pair of hands goes a long way! Pick a festive table cloth such as the one I use below because it ties everything together in an aesthetically pleasing way. As the host I suggest you go all out and add a festive touch such as my reindeer ears and makeup, it makes for some cute pictures and is fun for everyone who decide to dress up and join the fun.


Since parties usually start after everyone has had dinner, I stick to focusing on desserts for the party. A delicious and easy recipe I make every year is Brownie Santa Hats, which are also cheap and insanely cute. Get store bought brownie mix to save time and bake according to instructions. Once cooled, use a round cookie cutter and make circular brownies. Spray a layer of Cool Whip then add a strawberry with the tip cut off, topping it off with another dab of Cool Whip. These are always a crowd pleaser and are almost too adorable to eat, but trust me, everyone will be eating plenty of these goodies! I suggest getting a Gingerbread House kit from your local grocery store but buy extra candy toppings so you and your friends can be as creative as possible.  If you have fun holiday baking pans such as the Gingerbread Man I have, use it to bake a cake and let everyone decorate it during the party, it’s fun to see what you all comes up with. Last year my friends and I turned the Gingerbread Man cake into Harry Potter, it was hilarious! Have plenty of extra candies on hand such as M&Ms, candy canes and gum drops so that you can go all out with the decorating.


Cocktails and decorating with your friends is such a great combination and allows for everyone to catch up and have fun with one another. I hope you put some of these suggestions to good use and have an amazing holiday bash with your friends and family. Do you guys have holiday parties that you look forward to each year?


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