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Trendy holiday gifts, animal print edition

27 Nov

Well folks, the holidays are upon us! While this is the most wonderful time of the year, we’ve all had our difficulty with finding the perfect gifts for those we love. A leading trend this year that has been seen on numerous runways and street wear is animal print. Designers for luxury and affordable brands alike have incorporated animal print into their garments and products, making this trend more popular than ever. I am a huge fan of this trend and have a lot of animal print clothing as well as accessories and products such as phone cases. If you know fashion forward women in your life who love animal print, I highly suggest you find items in this trend to gift to them this holiday season. As with all things fashion, there are some items that are expensive quality products, while other similar products can be found at more affordable price points depending on where you shop and who you are buying for.

This Tory Burch animal print hard shell phone case is incredibly fashionable and the color looks excellent with the print. It makes for a wonderful holiday gift and can be used year round due to the neutral color.

Victoria’s Secret apparel is great quality and they know how to attract their target market. This VS Sparkle Leopard Print top is an excellent choice for the fashionable young women in your life.

While Dolce & Gabbana may be out of many of our price ranges, this Leopard Print Neck Blouse can be purchased at Nordstrom for a more reasonable price and would be an elegant gift for someone special in your life.

How do you guys incorporate this trend into your looks?


Bright, Bold Fashion

29 Sep


Every year I look forward to seeing new and inspiring talent at the Academy of Art University Runway Show in New York. This year was no exception, and while I was mesmerized by many of the collections, designer Ginie C.Y. Huang’s show was my favorite.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am a huge fan of bright colors; bright dresses, bright running shoes, I love any all things bright. This collection was a burst of energy, from the bright green jackets to the enchanting fuchsia dresses. The lush color palette represented the freshness of spring and the colors used flattered each other without being overdone. Feathers accented the garments harmoniously and complimented the silhouettes, allowing for wonderful movement as the models worked the runway. The use of minimal trims and no patterns worked for her advantage, as our attention was focused on the silhouettes and colors, which were the main attraction. In her next collection I would like to see her play around with prints and incorporate them with her exquisite color choices. Textiles used in this collection included silk organza and wool, making for beautifully unique and comfortable pieces perfect for the spring season.  Dresses were feminine and form fitting, accentuating the models figures without being clingy. Ginie is clearly a designer who is not afraid to have fun with fashion and her bright and bold collection was a breath of fresh air from the run of the mill staple colors we see in almost every other collection. Reminiscent of 1960’s silhouettes, the playful colors and retro glasses transported me back in time. The collection as a whole worked extremely well together and I wish that I could fast forward in time to see these pieces worn. If you, like me, love bright and beautiful collections, make sure you check out Ginie’s Spring 2013 Runway Show, believe me you won’t be sorry. She is a designer to watch and I’m really looking forward to what she presents to us in the future.